BAYT Mission Statement

BAYT is an inclusive shul community, committed to the principles of Orthodox Judaism, embracing G-d, Torah and Israel while inspiring spiritual growth.

As a welcoming home to all Jews, we are committed to:

  • Nurturing future Jewish generations
  • Being a caring, sharing and ethical community
  • Perpetuating Halacha as the basis for Jewish living
  • Facilitating lifelong Jewish learning
  • Enabling meaningful prayer imbued with joy
  • Maintaining a strong connection to and support of the State of Israel

Through our dedication to these principles we strive to positively influence the lives of individual Jews, to be a magnet for Jewish living and learning, a beacon among Orthodox shuls and a respected voice in and for the Jewish community.

BAYT Constitution

For the BAYT Constitution amended June 4, 2017 click here.

For Schedule C, Committee Mandates June 28, 2017 click here.




Publication Policies

  • Publication Content Guide (PDF)
  • Social Media Policies (PDF)

Kashrus Policy

Kashrus Policy (PDF)

Sun, October 22 2017 2 Cheshvan 5778