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BAYT Youth is looking for teen volunteers for a chesed initiative for 1 hour each Shabbos, to visit and make Kiddush for individuals who are not able to come to shul for various reasons. We are looking for a group of individuals who may want to participate in this program on a rotation basis. You will be sharing in a mitzvah gedola.

For more details, please contact Rich at


Today we are living in a challenging and fast‐paced society. As parents, you would like to prepare your children to develop multiple skills at an early age. In association with the Academy for Math & English, we are offering a Robotics program and summer sessions designed to meet those objectives. Through hands‐on exploration, children learn fundamental information on subjects like science and technology. When enrolling in our robotics camp and/or courses, be sure to mention your membership with BAYT to be eligible for a discount!

For details please You can contact Rich at the BAYT or The Academy for Mathematics & English (Dufferin & Steeles W) at 416‐548‐5598.


A Shiur in Jewish Philosophy based on the writings of the Chazon Ish in his seferאמונה ובטחון

Sundays 12:00pm – 1:00pm for teens and young adults going to or coming back from Israel. This program is held in the West Wing Library. There is a light lunch after the Shiur. Sponsored by BAYT Youth and Magid Shiur Rabbi Mayer Zoberman TTEC.


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To register for any of our BAYT Youth Programs, please call Youth Director, Rich Winkler at 905‐886‐3810 x 135 or email

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