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Adult Education Programs


Click here for Shiurim/Regular Classes:

Adult Education Sponsorship Opportunities


We invite you to honour life cycle events in your family or memorialize your loved ones through the following Shiuruim sponsorships:

  • $36 Weekly Ongoing Shiur
  • $54 Men's Monday Night Sugya, Women's Tuesday morning Parsha, Summer Pirkei Avot
  • $72 A Week of Daf Yomi
  • $180 Special Adult Education Guest Speaker, Wednesday Night Beis Medrash Series (Fall or Winter), Statutory Holiday Program, Daf Yomi Short Mesechet
  • $360 A Week of Learning at the BAYT, Statutory Holiday Program (keynote), Daf Yomi Long Mesechet, Memorial Lecture (in addition to speaker fees)
  • $1000 A Month of Learning at the BAYT

To sponsor a shiur or for further information please contact the BAYT office at 905-886-3810.
















Tue, April 7 2020 13 Nisan 5780