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BAYT Renovations

Renovation Committee

For the past two years the Renovation Committee has been  working with our design team to come up with a master plan for renovating and rejuvenating our entire shul.  

We have come to a understanding with FCML to be the construction managers for this project.  Phase One of the plan is the rejuvenation of the downstairs area of the shul, including the south parking lot entrance, the Rebbetzin Judy Taub Hall, the Turk Family Bais Medrash, the Sisterhood lobby, and the downstairs cloak room. 

Scheduling of Phase One has proved challenging due to both the Jewish calendar and event bookings and so the decision was made to split Phase One into two parts one of which will be completed before the high holy days and one which will be completed after. 

Phase One A will begin immediately and will be done in time for Yom Tov. During the construction process there will be some juggling of access and room availability and we apologize in advance for the inconvenience. We will be doing our utmost to ensure proper signage and notifications regarding which areas are accessible and which are not. We want to thank the entire membership for its patience and understanding in this process of restoring the BAYT's beauty and pride.



Lockers: Lockers situated in the Rebbetzin Judy Taub Cloak Room are being temporarily relocated as there will be NO access to that construction area.

Shabbos Elevators: For the following 2 weeks there will be access to the elevator.

Wheelchair access: Wheelchair access will be through the York Hill Blvd. Entrance

Shabbos access: The Clark Street entrance and the York Hill Blvd. Entrance will be open for access and exit to and from the building.

MINYANIM: During the month of July there will be various minyan location changes on Shabbos and during the week. Please check the bulletin regularly for updates.


Sun, July 21 2019 18 Tammuz 5779