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BAYT COVID-19 Protocol Update – October 8, 2021

This update modifies earlier BAYT COVID-19 Protocols to address varying needs in our diverse kehillah given evolving public health considerations. Many parents of school children ineligible for vaccinations told us they want their kids to attend BAYT. On the other hand, some fully vaccinated members remain vulnerable. Though complete consensus is not possible, we can all be extra considerate of one another regardless of our individual views. When we come together at BAYT, please follow our COVID-19 protocols, be honest regarding your vaccination status, and stay at home when in doubt. Please bring concerns to an Executive committee member, not our Gabboim.

Vaccination Policy

Province of Ontario proof of vaccine and passport requirements do not apply to houses of worshi (although they do apply to catered events at BAYT). While some shuls have adopted mandatory vaccination policies, enforcement can be inconsistent and problematic. At this time, BAYT does not plan to adopt a mandatory, difficult to enforce vaccination policy. BAYT continues to prefer an honour-based approach among our members, as we did during the Yamim Noraim. BAYT strongly encourages all age-eligible members to obtain two COVID-19 vaccine doses. We prefer age -eligible members who choose not to vaccinate to not attend BAYT. Unvaccinated persons who are not BAYT members or guests of a BAYT member may not attend BAYT. We also remind the kehillah that Federal law requires unvaccinated persons (including children) entering or returning to Canada to quarantine for 14 days upon entry. Please do not attend BAYT (indoors or out) during a mandatory 14-day quarantine period if you are unvaccinated.

Youth Programs

Youth programs will move into the west wing classrooms on the ground level starting at 9:45 this Shabbat. On October 16, BAYT Youth will roll out its Mom and Tots’ group for children who are too young to participate in regular Youth groups. This too will be held in the west wing classrooms. Also starting October 16, our Jr. Congregation minyan launches in the west wing classrooms. The Young Families/Young Professionals minyan will continue in the Turk Family Beit Midrash for the foreseeable future, so parents will be nearby. Please screen your child before bringing them to shul. Do not bring your children to shul if they are coughing, have a runny nose, a fever, or any other symptoms of illness. Rapid antigen testing is not required.

Children Over 10 May Attend Minyanim

Unvaccinated children aged 10 and up who are able to properly wear a mask may daven with their parents in the main shul minyan or the Young Families/Young Professionals Minyan. All children inside BAYT must be either in Youth programming or in a minyan with a parent.

School Exposures

Please do not attend BAYT if you or your children (1) were exposed to COVID-19 at school and have COVID-19 symptoms, (2) had a positive rapid antigen test, (3) are awaiting PCR test results after experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, (4) were unmasked in a school or other location in a current COVID-19 outbreak or (5) were told to self-isolate at home by a public health authority. Unless fully vaccinated, others in the household should not attend BAYT until the exposed person receives a negative COVID-19 PCR test (not a rapid antigen test) result, is cleared by a public health authority, or is diagnosed as not having COVID-19. CONTINUED

Wed, October 27 2021 21 Cheshvan 5782