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Day 1: We Travel to Israel!

2014-01-19 11:59:42 AM


Greetings from Yerushalayaim! We are here now on Sunday evening with the Prime Minister's delegation. About to go to our next event. Flying with Mr. & Mrs. Harper was quite a thrill, even though we haven't really interacted with them yet (PM Harper was working throughout the trip and wasn't seeing the rest of the passengers). But the spirit on the plane was amazing! Imagine a plane full of about 130 Canadians traveling to Israel to be greeted with a red carpet welcome.


Motzai Shabbos we zoomed from our hotel to the special hangar where the PM's plane was waiting. A special accommodation was made for Shabbos observant passengers; we had to drop off our luggage on Friday since the window between Shabbos' end and the departure time was so narrow.


Here I am about to board the plane.


Getting Ready to Board the PM's Plane


Before I left, Karen ordered some cookies from a bakery and I was able to get them to the PM who was at the front of the plane. Even though we haven't had a chance to interact, his aide who brought them sent me back a gracious "thank you" from Mr. Harper.



We took off right after Shabbos and flew to Cologne, Germany, where the plane had to refuel. That's where we also davened Shacharis:



A few hours later, we arrived in Israel to great fanfare! Here's a pic of Mr. & Mrs. Harper disembarking from a distance:



We were driven to Jerusalem, debriefed at a quick meeting, and then fed by a reception sponsored by Colel Chabad. Radio personality Yishai Fleisher interviewed Larry Zeifman, Frank Dimant, and myself tonight for his program, which you can listen to here (




You may have heard about the kerfufle created by a Muslim group about my joining the trip, which you can read about here. I've decided not to comment on this until after the PM's trip is over.


More, b"H, tomorrow!


Warm regards,


Sun, July 5 2020 13 Tammuz 5780