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Just Plain Chicken

2018-10-18 03:13:59 PM


Daniel Korobkin

[A signed copy of this letter on shul letterhead is available here.]

9 MarCheshvan 5779
October 18, 2018

To All Members and Friends of the BAYT: עמוש"ט   

Over the last several weeks, a number of you have asked either my wife or myself my opinion on the new kosher chickens from Premier Kosher Inc. (, the only kosher chicken producer in Ontario. Firstly, it’s important to know that Premier’s hekhsher bears the names of Toronto’s three senior rabbonim, Rabbi Moshe Mordechai Lowy, Rabbi Mordechai Ochs, and Rabbi Dovid Schochet, shlita. It’s surprising that anyone would even question the kashrus of anything certified by these distinguished rabbis, and it’s completely superfluous and unnecessary for me to endorse anything to which they’ve already lent their names. But because of all the questions, I decided to put the issue to rest and, because “aino domeh shemia lir’iyah” (seeing is better than hearing), decided to pay a visit personally to Premier’s facility just south of Hamilton so that I could report back to you what I have witnessed firsthand.

I am delighted to report that Premier has a superlative operation, both from a kashrus standpoint and from a quality standpoint. The facility is new and extremely clean, the chickens are free range, and they are treated humanely. The shochtim and bodkim are truly mumchim (experts) in their work. I am including some photos of my visit at the end of this report to give you a small idea. I had a chance to speak with the shochtim, check their chalafs (slaughter knives), speak with the sgan rosh hashochtim, Rabbi Shimon Malik of Chicago, and witness the entire production of the chickens from shechita to packaging (due to scheduling and mechanical issues, the only part of the process that I wasn’t able to witness directly was the melicha (salting)).

I want to assure you that the very highest standards of kashrus are utilized for these chickens. Many chumros (stringencies) have been adopted beyond the kosher industry standard, including checking a significant percentage of the birds’ tzumos hagiddin, the part of the leg that has a cluster of sinews. One sign of the chickens’ high quality and overall health is the relatively minor number of chickens which have presented with kashrus problems. In addition, the chickens are cleaned and dried using a state of the art technology so that the consumer is receiving an excellent quality kosher product.

I thank Rabbi Kalman Ochs for giving me the tour and for all his dedicated work in ensuring that our Shabbos tables have such an excellent product, truly worthy of Shulchanos Melachim, the tables of kings and queens.

I encourage you to support Premier Kosher Chicken and to feel good about eating a healthy, kosher chicken.

Sincerely yours,

Rabbi Daniel Korobkin

PS Disclaimer: I have not received nor will I receive remuneration of any kind for this endorsement.

Photos of my visit:

Getting suited up to go on the floor:

Some of the schochtim:

Some of the chalafs getting ready for Shechita:

Shochet sharpening his chalaf:

A shochet about to slaughter a chicken:

One of the bodkim checking the intestines of each chicken for any abnormalities:

Freshly slaughtered, chickens are conveyed to a cleaning and defeathering machine:

Chickens on a conveyer, which will clean out the innards:

Chickens on the conveyor:

The special coarse sea salt used for kashering the chickens:




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