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The BAYT Adult Education programme continues to remain one of the foundations of our Shul of which we can be very proud.  We cater to a large membership and diverse Kehillah by offering a multitude of programs in array of topics, formats and at varying educational levels.

Topics include our daily daf yomi programs and weekly shiurim including gemorrah, tanach, halachah and chasidus. There is also a weekly shiur for women on the philosophical work, Sefer HaKuzari and the weekly Parshah given by our senior Rabbi, Rabbi Daniel Korobkin.

Our shul offers a series’ of five weekly lectures, each series on a different theme which have attracted many of our members’ interest.  Our Friday evening Leil Limud program which takes place in Kehillah members’ homes during the winter months help develop a sense of community. In addition, the BAYT has a partnership with Beit Midrash Zichron Dov which focuses on issues of medical and legal ethics.  A number of times a year there are scholars-in-residence invited to come for a Shabbat and share their expertise with our Shul. Another highlight is our Educational film nights which have become a popular activity at BAYT.

The BAYT has ongoing adult classes, programs & one-time events.




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