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BETH AVRAHAM YOSEPH OF TORONTO CONGREGATION - The Joseph & Faye Tanenbaum Synagogue Centre



Shabbos HaGadol Drasha

The video is a synopsis of the Rav's drasha. To download the full text, written in essay format: HERE for .docx format, and HERE for .pdf format.



Video update 18 March 2020


a. Selling Chametz: Note that we plan to do a regular sale as we do every year. In order to sell your chometz through us, please go the online Mechiras Chametz form, here:
b. Siyum/Fasting for Firstborn on Erev Pesach: We will be having two ONLINE siyumim this year on Erev Pesach, April 8, at 7 am and 9 am. Please stay tuned for the links.
c. Tevilas Kelim: Unfortunately all of our Kelim Mikvah appointments have been filled. What are your alternatives? Some rabbis have come up with a creative workaround, of gifting the utensil to a non-Jew and then borrowing it back until the Kelim Mikvah becomes available. However, I view this as a b'deived option that should only be relied upon when all other options have been exhausted. You can take your utensils to any natural body of water and immerse them there with a bracha. Any natural lake, river or pond is acceptable (such as the duck pond on Centre). Please be conscious of not littering and not trespassing on private property.
Kashering Kelim: Since there is no COR community kashering this year, please refer to the shiur I gave Monday night. The audio from the shiur is on the BAYT YouTube channel. The new BAYT Channel can be accessed HERE.

e. Biur Chametz: There will be no communal burning of chametz this year on Erev Pesach. We recommend the following for your own chametz burning: Optimally use your chametz BBQ to burn the chometz. Add sufficient fuel to the fire and begin the burning with plenty of time to incinerate the pieces fully. Burn ONLY the 10 small pieces of bread that you used for bedikas chametz. Do NOT burn larger quantities of chametz, and do NOT use anything other than paper to burn the chametz. We must be conscious of the environment and not do anything that is unsafe for the environment or ourselves.
Please note that if, for any reason, burning the chametz is not logistically practical, you may dispose of the chametz in other ways, as long as the chametz is completely eliminated. We recommend that if you cannot burn the chametz, that you flush small amounts down the toilet (obviously, without the paper or anything else that could clog the plumbing).
Larger quantities of chametz: If you need to dispose of larger amounts of chametz, we recommend that you give your chametz items to a non-Jew. Alternatively, if you cannot give the chametz to a non-Jew, you may render the chametz inedible by adding bleach or other caustic ingredients to them.

f. Garbage Management: You may have seen the email just sent out by our councillor, Alan Shefman, that the normal bin service at the Garnet Williams Centre that we have all become accustomed to will NOT take place this year, due to a shortage of staffing because of the virus. It's firstly important to appreciate how much this service has meant to us in Thornhill over the years. Please: take a moment to thank Mr. Shefman ( for arranging this free service in all previous years. Secondly, what does this mean for us and our garbage this year? A few points:

a. The next trash pickup for our area will be a double-up day, on April 9. This turns out to be the first day of Pesach, AFTER we are allowed to own Chametz. It is thus vital that whatever Chametz you dispose of should be declared "hefker," or ownerless, by you at least by the morning of Erev Pesach. You should place all your chametz trash in plastic garbage bags, and NOT in your own garbage containers. You should leave them on the curb in FRONT of your property, and not on your property, if at all possible. If you have more than the requisite 6 bags that are picked for free, you can tag additional bags with garbage tags that are sold by the city of Vaughan. See HERE for how to purchase additional tags (I'm uncertain which facilities are currently open for purchasing the tags, so you may have to call around first). Mr. Shefman has informed me that the garbage collectors will be more liberal than normal in collecting our garbage on April 9 in any event, noting the needs of our religious holiday.

b. As I mentioned in a previous email, you also have the option of bringing your trash to a York Region Waste Depot. You can get more information HERE.

c. There are PRIVATE garbage collection services available from enterprising individuals who understand our needs. One such service is being offered by Jacob Posluns. More information HERE.



Covid-19 Virus Policy as of 15 March

Dearest Friends,
It is with an extremely heavy heart that we must announce that, after new developments over the past 24 hours, including new health advisories from infectious disease experts and agencies in both Canada and the US, as well as new psakim from a number of roshei yeshiva, we find ourselves forced to close the shul entirely. Effective immediately, the BAYT has closed its doors for an indefinite period of time. With this drastic action, we are responsibly protecting the lives of our members and neighbors, especially the most vulnerable within society.
Shiurim will continue via video hookup, as per our last email.
If you have your Tallis and Tefillin or other possessions locked in the building, please contact the office to make an appointment to retrieve your items.
The Mikvah will remain open for those who are healthy, asymptomatic, and who have not been asked to self-quarantine nor have been in contact with those with the virus.
As we’ve mentioned before, now is the time to redouble our efforts in Torah and Tefillah, but instead of doing it from our communal sacred home, the BAYT, we must now work from our individual homes. During your private davening, please focus on at least one paragraph of prayer and say it with greater kavanah.
Our rabbinic staff and our office are still at work, and we are at your service. As always, our phones and emails are open to you and we will endeavor to be as responsive as possible.
If you are a chiyuv to recite kaddish, please instead recite 3 paragraphs of Tehillim (we recommend 20, 121, and 130, but all Tehillim are fine), and learn 3 Mishnayos daily to create an Aliyah for the neshama in lieu of kaddish.
We will keep you updated regularly to notify you of any new developments. We stress that the purpose of shutting down the shul is to create the appropriate social distancing that our governments are asking of us. This means that we are all responsible to create physical distance in ALL public settings, not just religious ones. Please follow the guidelines that are recommended by the Canadian government, here: Visit the site regularly to check for updates.
May Hashem watch over our entire community and bring healing and comfort to all.
Zac Kaye, President           Rabbi Daniel Korobkin          Morris Maron, Exec. Direct


Moreh Nevukhim on FaceBook Live with Rabbi Korobkin - Monday morning at
7:30 am

Daf Yomi daily at 7:30am

Daf Yomi daily at 8:45pm

Tuesday Morning Ladies' Kuzari+Parsha Shiur with Rabbi Korobkin, Tuesday at 10:00am

Semichas Chaver Program with Rabbi Spitz - Wednesday night at 8:30pm

Delving Deeper into the Daf with Rabbi Spitz - Thursday night at 8:00pm

Monday night Talmud Class with Rabbi Yeres - 8:30 pm starting March 23
(Masechet Shabbat ch 12)

Seder Boker for men with Rabbi Yeres - starting Wednesday March 18- Mon

Tues Wed Thurs 10:00 am - noon

Shiurm with Rabbi Torczyner and Beit Midrash Zichron Dov

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