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Who are the Rabbi and Rebbetzen?

We are fortunate to have a wonderful, energetic and inspiring couple, Rabbi Daniel Korobkin and Karen Korobkin.  The Korobkins joined our kehilla in August 2011 following the retirement of our founding Rav and now Rabbi Emeritus, Rabbi Baruch Taub. If you want to know more about the Rabbi, please click here.

What's the BAYT's Hashkafa (outlook)?

The BAYT is a unique Orthodox Zionist shul that encompasses and nurtures a wide and diverse range of approaches to Orthodoxy, from Modern Orthodox to "Yeshivish" to Chassidic (and everything in between).  First and foremost, we are all BAYT members.  More important than our individual differences is a commitment to co-existence, mutual tolerance and respect, communal needs and to each other as a learning, growing and caring kehilla.   Whatever your personal flavour of Orthodoxy, or whether you just want to grow in your yiddishkeit, you'll find a comfortable home at BAYT.   We daven Nusach Ashkenaz.

What's the catering facility like?

BAYT has the largest catering facility of any Orthodox shul in the city, with a modern kitchen and tastefully decorated rooms.  We have a variety of rooms to accommodate in style any simcha, from the initimate Simcha Suite, to the Rebbetzin Judy Taub Hall, and the Perlis Hall, which can seat up to 800 guests.  Contact our booking co-ordinator Karen Zilberberg to plan your next simcha or meeting event at the BAYT. 


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