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Listen to the Younger Generation! Rabbi Mordechai Torczyner

True Liberation - Rabbi Daniel Lecount

How Did the Sea Split? The Two Stories of the Splitting of the Red Sea Based on Rabbi Mordechai Breuer’s Aspect Methodology - Joey Fox

Egypt Demystified- Archie Crandell

What’s With the Wise Son Saying “You”? An Analysis and Historical Background Rabbi Martin J. Berman

Karpas, Yoseph and the Final Redemption Danny Berger

Pour Out Your Wrath Or Your Love? Establishing the Authentic Text And Message of the Haggadah Rabbi Shmuel Lesher

Yachatz: The Great Divide Rabbi Baruch Taub



Is Law a Good Profession for the Orthodox Jew? Part 2 Charles Wagner

Mishloach Manot and the Canaanite Slave Dr. Samuel Silverberg

On the Distribution of Molad Times in the (Very) Large Cycle Daniel Levenstein

Brain Stem Death: Rabbi Dr. Moshe Dovid Tendler’s Greatest Impact on Medical Halakhah: Did Rav Moshe Feinstein Agree with Him? Rabbi Dr.Lazer Friedman

Haircutting History: Understanding the Evolution of Omer Customs Ezer Diena

We All Want Mashiah, So Why Does Nusah Ashkenaz Omit “V’Yatzmah” in Kaddish? Rabbi N. Daniel Korobkin



The Meaning and Significance of the Leviathan Rabbi Ken Stollon



Torah Li-shmah

Lot’s Daughters Asher Breatross

The Princely Prerogative Karyn Goldberger

Korach Was His Son: Intergenerational Inherent Value Ariella Markus

Yosef ’s Plan Rabbi Chaim Metzger

Purim’s Hidden Agenda Rabbi A.Z. Thau

The Superpower of Jewish Prayer Laya Witty

Our Era Through The Lens of the Netivot Shalom Rabbi Dr. Moshe J. Yeres

Tue, June 18 2024 12 Sivan 5784