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Beth Avraham Yoseph of Toronto

 !ברוכים הבאים   

Welcome to the virtual home of the Beth Avraham Yoseph of Toronto, commonly referred to as the BAYT!

BAYT means “home” in Hebrew, and when you come to the BAYT, you truly are coming home. We are an integral part of the Thornhill Jewish community, providing a warm and traditional synagogue and community centre for all.    As the Rav, it’s my honour to personally welcome you, not just to this website, but into our community. 

The BAYT is an extremely active congregation, with programs, shiurim, and activities operating around the calendar and around the clock. We proudly represent a broad spectrum of Orthodoxy, and because we view each other as family, we all get along under this amazingly large and accepting “tent”. 

In addition to multiple daily minyanim and learning opportunities, we are also a centre for adult and youth education and programming, social activities, and special events. We have an active Brotherhood and Sisterhood, both of whom round out the BAYT’s services and programs. In addition, our shul is politically active in supporting both Canada and Israel. We pride ourselves in being a strongly Zionist congregation with one of the highest rates of aliyah in North America.

If you are blessed to be planning a simcha, our on-site caterer, Jacobs Catering, is recognized as one of the leading kosher caterers serving the wider Toronto Jewish population, facilitating simchas of all sizes in various venues throughout the building.

Please browse this site as it will give you an opportunity to understand the full scope of the BAYT community. In addition, visit us on Facebook!

Come join our thriving congregation. For more information, contact our Executive Director, Mordechai Bookbinder or our office manager in charge of membership, Leslie Lewis.

I look forward to seeing you in shul! Please introduce yourself to me if you are new or visiting. In the meantime, please enjoy the website, and feel free to reach me on my personal and confidential phone line at 905-886-3810 x 125.

Rabbi N. Daniel Korobkin


Upcoming Programs & Events

Some additional events:


  • BAYT Golf Classic-- Located in the scenic rolling greens of Cherry Downs, the BAYT Golf Classic promises an enjoyable day together with friends, while supporting the work of the BAYT community. For those who do not play, a limited attendance Golf Clinic is available, led by professionals who will coach you on the fundamentals of playing golf. Following the training session, the group will play an executive 9-hole course under the guidance and direction of the golf pros.
      Thursday, Sep 18th (All day)
  • Dr. Marc Shapiro scholar in residence--
      Friday, Sep 19th (All day)
  • Dr. Marc Shapiro scholar in residence--
      Shabbos, Sep 20th (All day)
  • Shofar Making at the Youth Fair
      Sunday, Sep 21st 10:30a to 11:30a
  • Leil Limud
      Friday, Nov 14th 7:45p to 10:00p
  • Rabbi Yonasan Sacks-- Rabbi Yonasan Sacks,Rosh Yeshiva, Lander College for Men
      Friday, Nov 21st (All day)
  • Rabbi Yonasan Sacks-- Rabbi Yonasan Sacks,Rosh Yeshiva, Lander College for Men
      Shabbos, Nov 22nd (All day)
  • Leil Limud
      Friday, Dec 12th 7:30p to 10:00p
  • Rabbi Ari Cutler-- Rabbi Ari Cutler, Director, Yeshivat Hakotel Leadership Program
      Shabbos, Dec 13th (All day)
  • Leil Limud
      Friday, Jan 16th 8:00p to 10:00p


Thu, 28 August 2014 2 Elul 5774