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BETH AVRAHAM YOSEPH OF TORONTO CONGREGATION  -          The Joseph & Faye Tanenbaum Synagogue Centre

*The Lauterpacht Family
*Rabbi Aaron & Miriam Greenberg, Elaine Greenberg & Amy Greenberg

*Leon & Elaine Genesove

*Jack & Ruth Lauterpacht

*Aliza, Esther, Pnina, Sara, Shoshana & families.



Video update 18 March 2020


Choshen Mishpat Halacha shiur- Beginning Monday, April 27 daily at  6:30 am

Rabbi Eisenberger's shiur - Monday to Friday: Start at 11am weekdays                  or phone either 647.558.0588 or 647.374.2685Use Meeting ID 445 539 932 followed by # twice

Rabbi Torczyner - Gemara Avodah Zarah, This Sunday at 8 PM                                             

929 Tanach shiur - Sunday at 8 p.m.                                                                                           Anyone interested can get the Zoom link by emailing

Moreh Nevukhim on FaceBook Live with Rabbi Korobkin - Monday morning at
7:30 am

Daf Yomi daily at 7:30am

Daf Yomi daily at 8:45pm                                  
                                                                                                                                                Tuesday Morning Ladies' Kuzari+Parsha Shiur with Rabbi Korobkin, Tuesday at 10:00am

Semichas Chaver Program with Rabbi Spitz - Wednesday night at 8:30pm

Monday night Talmud Class with Rabbi Yeres - 8:30 pm starting March 23
(Masechet Shabbat ch 13)                           

Seder Boker for men with Rabbi Yeres - starting Wednesday March 18-                            Mon,Tues, Wed and Thurs 10:00 am - noon              

Thursday night Chassidus        

 Parsha Shiur for Ladies with Michal Horovitz  - Thursday at 8.30 PM                     
Meeting ID: 875 6139 3053
Password: 638486         

“Hashkama Minyan” shiur - Wednesday at 7:00 PM                                                     

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